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HEAVYWEIGHTS UK proudly presents the next bout in the series of superfights between some of the divisions greatest fighters in the sports history. Chosen by the heavyweight community in our heavyweight Fan Forum 32 greats have been selected to battle it out to determine the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have writing it...
Lets go ringside to the Hammerstein Ballroom, where things look ready to get underway...
Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the jam-packed Hammerstein Ballroom here in New York, we have a full house in anticipation of a another superfight of yesteryear between Ezzard Charles and Earnie Shavers.

Lets take a quick look at the Rules for this fight:-

· Three knockdown rule is in effect
· There is no standing 8 count
· A fighter can only be saved by the bell in the final round.
· Three judges will score on a 10 point must system.
· Fight is scheduled for 15 three minute rounds

The third man in the ring will be Pennsylvania's, Frank Cappuccino!
The three judges scoring tonight's bout are Chuck Giampa and Dave Moretti both of Nevada and California's, Lou Filippo.

Shavers in the blue corner, wearing the dark blue trunks with white trim weighed in yesterday at 210lbs, thats almost a two stone advantage over his opponent. Shavers has got to get close to Charles in my eyes and do what he did with some success with Muhammad Ali- cut off the ring and set up that big right hand. He mustn't let Ezzard Charles get into a rhythm with that same jab which kept the less mobile and faded Joe Louis on the outside for fifteen rounds the night he won the heavyweight crown.
Charles looks very trim a 185, a pound heavier than he was against Louis. The Cincinnati Cobra will certainly want to get that fluid movement going, stay in control of the pace and box Shavers. I'm not convinced the power has travelled up from Light Heavyweight so that might mean a long fight may e in order. The key is to stick the on rushing Shavers and get out of the way before anything damaging comes his way. Fifteen rounds shouldn't be a problem for Charles, conditioning has always been one of his major assets.
The fighters have had their final instructions and are now awaiting the sound of the opening bell...

...And here we go! 
Shavers goes right to the body, Charles backs up.
Charles picks of Shavers with the left jab.
Ezzard Charles just looking to get his timing.
Shavers moves in with the left, following up with a right over top..Charles leans out of the way...Charles very mobile, like expected.
Counter with the jab, from Charles.
Ezzard Charles looking the faster of the two in the handspeed department.
Shavers moving in with those gloves cupping his chin, something we seen him do often in so many of his fights.
Shavers pins Charles in the corner..
Shavers misses with the jab, Charles very elusive!
Charles landing with a volley of punches! The crowd loved that! At least one solid hook got through.
Neither fighter looks too anxious to let it all hang out a this stage.
Shavers having problems catching the moving target, clearly not wanting to leave himself open to the counter.
Shavers with the hook, Charles leans out of the way.
Charles scores with the right uppercut counter! Shavers covers!
A left to the body and a right hand to the side of the head, the right certainly scored.
Shavers returns a right to the ribs and the left to the jaw!
A stark reminder to Charles - up close is not where Charles wants to be!
Charles back on his bike. He probes with the jab.
Both fighters back at ring center.
OOH! Shavers lands a perfect left-right! It just looked for a moment that Charles' legs dipped from those.
Charles' corner shouting at him to jab more...
Both fighters trying to work the angles.
A lot of Shavers punches are missing by a hair...
Like that one!
Another counter from Charles with the jab. Charles is so sharp tonight!
Charles lands again with the jab.
Shavers looks focussed but is so susceptible to these incoming jabs.
Shavers bangs to the body...
He walks through left from Charles and lands another...
And a shot to the head! This is more like it from Shavers!
Both fighters at the ring center again,
Shavers nails Charles with a right hook to the chin!
Charles has certainly felt the power of Shavers, no question!
Shavers looking to load up..
Charles gets out of there, turns Shavers and whiffs with two left jabs on the way out.
Theres the bell for  the end of round one..

For what its worth, Charles looked to me to take the opener... 
Here we go for round two!
Shavers looks fired up.
A left-right to the body from Shavers, to give Charles credit he smothered most of what was in them.
Charles is on his bike again, he looks a little more hesitant to trade this round. I'd like to see more of the jab from Charles.
Shavers bulldozing forward...
Lovely side step from Charles, he's doing a good job of keeping Shavers off balance.
Charles with the jab... 
Not much success with the right hand this round.. Charles not staying around long enough to double up.
Shavers going at Charles' body...Scores with a left to the ribs!
Charles returns with a right of his own..
Alot of punches are landing, but is hard to see what kind of effect they're having.
There's a solid cross from Shavers.
Charles bounces off the ropes and is on the move again.
Difficult to see if that hurt Charles...
Shavers corner shouting at him to apply more pressure!
Ezzard Charles having limited success on the outside with the jab.
Shavers doing the stalking at this stage.
Shavers the aggressor as he traps Charles in the corner.
Shavers lets fire with another right...Ooooh but its wild!
Charles slips out, he's working the jab again.
The left lands from Ezzard...
The follow up is short...as is that one
Cappuccino is doing a good job, you hardly know he's in there.
Charles doing a good job of shutting Shavers out this round... the Cincinnati man moving in and out before Shavers can react.
Left to the side of Shavers head lands...
Shavers short with the right counter
One..two hooks from Shavers!..Charles slips both and returns a right hand but catches air!
Shavers lands with a big right on the counter.. the blast sends Charles onto the ropes! 
Charles might be in trouble here!
Left over the top misses the mark from Shavers...
Charles has got to get off the ropes.
Right to the body by Shavers, he's really digging in! 
Charles ties his man up...
Cappuccino motioning for Charles to break.
Cappuccino prizes them apart... 
In goes Shavers. Right bomb lands sending spray flying!
Charles is down!! Charles is down on one knee...
Hard to see what is happening here, Charles is down on one knee and Shavers is getting a ticking off by Cappuccino...
It looks like Cappuccino is warning him for punching on the break.
The referee has ruled it a no knockdown.
Ezzard Charles is back to his feet, he looks ok. 
Cappuccino motions the two fighters back together.
Shavers picking up where he left off! Misses by a hair with the left hand!
Charles springs back in and lands with the right.. 
Shavers counters with a right of his own... Charles stung on the way out.
Charles in trouble here, almost every punch that lands is putting him on the back foot.... Ezzard again peppering from outside with the jab.
Shavers beginning to work his way inside!
A left to the body followed by a left to the jaw!! Charles in trouble!
Another damaging right hook from Shavers!
Charles answers with a couple of jabs in an attempt to keep Shavers off his, but it looks like they're having no effect!
Cappuccino is taking a close look!
Right to the body lands! Shaves inches away with the uppercut!
Charles trying to tie his man up...
Uppercut lands from Shavers!! There goes the gum shield!
And another left hook to the chin - Down goes Charles!
Charles is down again!! Shavers ushered to the neutral corner. 
This time Frank Cappuccino picks up the count.






Ezzard is up with the help of the ropes.. he looks very unstable!



Cappuccino's waived it off !! He's stopped the fight! It doesn't look as though Ezzard Charles responded to Cappuccino and he's waived the fight off!
Earnie Shavers wins by a second round TKO!
Charles is complaining. He say's he was ok. It appears Charles didn't walk forward when Cappuccino motioned him to do so. A great win for Earnie Shavers, who proved why people call him one of the biggest punchers in history. Shavers will meet the winner of Sonny Liston and John L Sullivan in the next round!
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Chuck Giampa
10 - 10
9 -  9
Dave Moretti
10 - 10
9 -  9
Lou Filippo
10 - 10
10 - 10

I hope you enjoyed this first fight in the heavyweight superfight series and check back soon for the next showdown on HEAVYWEIGHTS UK between, Muhammad Ali and Bob Fitzsimmons.





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