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HEAVYWEIGHTS UK proudly presents the next bout in the series of superfights between some of the divisions greatest fighters in the sports history. Chosen by the heavyweight community in our heavyweight Fan Forum 32 greats have been selected to battle it out to determine the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have writing it...
Lets go ringside to the Royal Albert Hall, where things look ready to get underway...
Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  We're at the star studded Royal Albert Hall in London to see the two time European heavyweight champion, Joe Bugner fight American banger, Dynamite Mike Dokes... 

Lets take a quick look at the Rules for this fight:-

· Three knockdown rule is in effect
· There is no standing 8 count
· A fighter can only be saved by the bell in the final round.
· Three judges will score on a 10 point must system.
· Fight is scheduled for 15 three minute rounds

The third man in the ring will be New Jersey's, Rudy Battle!
The three judges scoring tonights bout are Tommy Kaczmarek of New Jersey, Mickey Vann of Leeds, England and Belguim's, Daniel van der Wiele.

Dokes in the blue corner wearing the white shorts, is coming off that 65 second demolition job of Michael Weaver in Las Vegas, and as the name suggests - his aggression and ferocity is truely dynamite. He has blown hot and cold though, he laboured over ten with his first fight with Osvaldo Ocasio and Lucien Rodriguez proved that if you can survive the opening Dokes blitz, your not going to see anything new later in the fight. But, tell that to John L Gardiner, former British champ, who Dokes blasted inside three rounds and that first round blow out of Ocasio in Ocasio's back-yard may I add, was awesome.
Bugner a couple of pounds heavier at 223Ibs, in the blue trunks has mixed with the very best. A close win over British favourite Henry Cooper propelled him into the world title picture where he took Muhammad Ali the full course, as well as Smokin Joe Frazier in London soon after. 
The fighters have had their final instructions and are now awaiting the sound of the opening bell...

...And there it goes. 
Here comes Dokes! going right after Bugner from the off.
Bugner with his back to the ropes.
Dokes lands with the jab and unleashed a left and right to the body as he burrows inside.
Bugner manages to smother the attack..moves away...
Dokes grazes Bugner with an uppercut on the wayout. Dokes really fired up for this one!
Middle of the ring...Bugner flicks out the jab..nothing there.
Dokes talking to Bugner.
Both men exchange, hard to see who got the better of it!
Another clinch.. Bugner works himself free.
Dokes tries the uppercut.
Bugner counters with a short left.. that one lands!
Dokes backs up, Bugner follows...
Bugner lands with the hook! He made Dokes blink with that one..
Dokes lands with the jab..and then another..
A right hand follow up, then a left to the body from Dokes - All finding the target!
Bugner shifts away.. fires away a left jab of his own as does Dokes..nothing clean by either men, though.
Alot of movement in there.. 
Dokes off with the jab. He looks to be trying to use the handspeed to stick the taller man and then get out...
Bugner with range finders, Dokes slips nicely to the side, making Bugner miss.
Dokes moves his head well...Dokes' corner shouting at him to pick up the pace.
Bugner moves to the ropes flicking out harmless jabs, these aren't landing!
Dokes moving from side to side, looking content to just be measuring Bugner up.
Dokes' corner shouting for him to jab more!
Bugner's right fall short of the mark.
Dokes winging punches of his own, but nothing there!
...Bell sounds for the end of round one. Dokes' round in my book, for the early rally...

...Here we go for round two!
Bugner off his stool the faster, this time.
Smashing right hand from Bugner, but Dokes parries the worst of it. Dokes ties up Bugner... Referee Rudy Battle steps in to break them up...
There's some good people working Bugners corner tonight..
Bugner moves in..Dokes lands with the uppercut..Joe was stung by that one!
Bugner trying to line Dokes up for the right hand, but Dokes snaps his opponent's head back with a right hook!
Dokes mouthing off again at Bugner.
Bugner moves away! Both men jockeying for position again..both fighters are aware of what this fight means here!
Dokes is slipping in and letting go with the jab.. Bugner on his toes probing with his own jab here.
Now Bugner's taunting Dokes.
More back from Dokes and I think Rudy Battle should take control here and cut out all this verbal.
Dokes attempts the uppercut.
...Bugner connects with the counter! he dropped his left and suckered Dokes into that one.
Bugner ties his man up. Both men are willing to clinch here..someones really got to start throwing some leather...
They're both coming in head down...Someones going to get cut if this keeps happening.
Now its Dokes up on his toes and moving nicely... Bugner very passive here. It's been said about Bugner that he only fights when he's hurt. Let's hope Dokes can get him under some pressure so we can see some action, rather than all this talking and clinching.
Dokes shoves Bugner away from the clinch.
Bugner tries the right hand... If he's going to go forward like that, he really should be moving in behind the jab.
The bell sounds... a quiet round and a hard one to call.

...Here we go for round 4!
Lets see if either boxer can take the initiative in this round.
Both fighters flicking harmless jabs at each other...
Dokes appears very wary of that stiff left Bugner jab as he moves in... Taunts aside there definitely seems to be alot of mutual respect here.
Dokes launches the jab, but it's picked off by Bugner.
Catching Bugner when he's moving like this is like trying to catch water with a strainer...
But it looks like Dokes cut him off here! Dokes connects with a right hand to the head!
Bugner pinned in the corner!
Dokes stalking his man. Out goes the jab... nothing behind it. Dokes really needs to Tee off here!
Dokes appears more interested in staying out of Bugners range at the moment..
The crowd calling for more action!
Dokes continuing with the jabwork.. many are just missing by a hair..including that one!
That one lands, though and Dokes follows up with the right hand...but Bugner saw it coming.
Bugner firing jabs of his own! hit and run stuff from Bugner now as we move into the fifth!
Right hand lands from Dokes, but he's still having trouble getting close to the big man.
Bugner touches the ropes and moves away - he doesn't want to get trapped there.
Right hand lands from Bugner!
Both guys are trying to work the angles.
Bugner stings Dokes with the jab! Better work here from both men!
Now it's Bugner doing the stalking..he's flicking out jabs..trying to measure up Dokes.
Dokes lands with a counter..that stung Bugner!
The tempo has definitely increased here.
Dokes whiffs with the left..and again with another left.
Bugner moves along the ropes.
Dokes follows, but Bugner using his range advantage well.
Dokes lurches forward on the bell, Bugner retaliates...Rudy Battle jumps between them ending the round!

...Here's round six, Michael Dokes in the white shorts, Bugner in the blue. Most of the rounds have been hard to call but I have Dokes unofficially ahead after the opening five rounds.
Uppercut by Dokes! He's really making the uppercuts work for himself in this fight!
Bugner timing seems off in this round.
Dokes picks off a jab.. and returns one of his own..only grazing Bugner really.
OOHHHH!! Bugner has landed with a big right uppercut and Dokes is down!!!
Dokes is flat out and in desperate trouble here. Dokes missed with the jab and left himself open for the uppercut! 
Battle picks up the count!









Dokes back on his feet but he looks shaken.
Rudy Battle waves the two fighters together..What can Bugner do here?
Bugner lands with the left.
Dokes is hurt...no question. Bugner just needs to string together two or three big punches and this is all over.
Ohh! The hooks lands and that sends Dokes back reeling towards the ropes!
Dokes is definitely in trouble. Bugner just needs to pick his shots and this one is over, right here!
Dokes leaning out of the way of many of these.
Bugner range finding with the left and setting himself up with the big right hand!
Oooooh it misses wildly!
But Bugner lands again with the left!
He just needs to get one of these big bombs on target, rather than flailing away like he is.
Bugner misses with the left.
Dokes gamely fires back!
There's an exchange of blows but it looks like Bugner has got the better of it!
There goes the bell to end the sixth! Dokes survives but a big round for Joe Bugner!

...Both men come out for the next round.
Dokes on the move.
Bugner scores with the left jab on Dokes.
Dokes replies with a right of his own which lands clean.
Left to the ribs and right to the jaw from Bugner! His best work of the night so far! That hurt Dokes!
Bugner seems to keep hitching up his trunks, he doesn't want to be doing that. He might get nailed if his hands are down.
Now it's Bugner pressing.
He looks focussed...out goes the jab.
It's hard to see if these are landing or not...It looks very much like Dokes is slipping most of them.
Theres a solid hook form Bugner..That one did connect!
Dokes ties up Bugner...
Both fighters are holding. It's a tangle of arms..Rudy Battle is going to have to sort this out here.
Bugner works his way free.
More posturing in the center of the ring.. Dokes trying to find his timing with Bugner looking content to stay outside.
Dokes goes looking for Joe Bugner again here in the eighth.
I think it's in Dokes' gameplan to outmuscle Bugner on the inside, but Joe really does appear to have the arms length measure of the man from the US.
Dokes lands with the right...
...but the right follow up falls short.
Bugner looks to be regaining control with the jab.
Dokes doing alot of moving himself here...
Another hook lands from Dokes...This is better!
Bugner has been telling reporters that he's trained hard for this fight. more so than he did for the Ali fight last year.
More words of advice from Dokes' corner...He drives forward again.
Bugner misses with the left hook.
Dokes lands a counterpunch! It looks to have landed to Bugner's temple.
Bugner tries the uppercut, but catches only air!
Dokes takes advantage, landing with the jab. Good round for Michael Dokes!
Bugner doesn't have to look for his man in this round he's right in his face.
...There goes the bell for the end of round 8.

...Away we go for round 9!
Dokes has come back into it since the knockdown in round 6. A testament to his desire really after at one stage looking out on his feet.
Bugner flicking out that long left jab again.. Dokes bobbing and weaving...
Jab lands from Bugner...but the right is short.
Dokes attempts to shift inside again...
A left-right combination inside from Dokes..Bugner ties him up.
Rudy Battle yelling at Bugner to break.
Both fighters come apart...Bugner unleashes a jab..Dokes slips it.
Dokes attempts to follow through with his own jabs.
Left hand lands from Dokes.
Right hand over the top is WILD! and Bugner counters with a big right of his own!!
A bowling right from Bugner, Dokes not doing much back here!
Dokes leans away, but Bugner follows up and forces Dokes on to the ropes. 
...Dokes looking for sanctuary on the ropes!
Bugner lands a heavy right to the ribs! This not where Dokes wants to be!
One..two hooks from Bugner!..Dokes slips both and returns a right hand which catches air!
Oh! A volley of punches by Dokes off the ropes! Very flash but nothing significantly landing.
Dokes moves off the ropes and on his bike... Bugner keeping that range finder jab going!
Both fighter sizing each other up...
Dokes looks to have a mouse over the left eye...but nothing too serious.
A jab by Dokes finds it's target!
Dokes stalking Bugner now, Oooh and gets through with another uppercut!!
Now it's Bugner on the back foot!
Both men have had their moments so far and apart from the knockdown there can't be much between them!
Into round 11 and the pace has dropped significantly.
Bugner the more productive with the jab, while Dokes has had sporadic success to body and with those uppercuts...
Dokes appears to be blowing...
Dokes looking for an opening with the jab..He lands with that one!
Bugner whistles in a right of his own!..Dokes felt that one!
A left uppercut by Bugner and a right hand to the jaw!!
This is much better from the Hungarian!
Another left scores from Bugner..but he has to take a left back from Dokes, who looks very interested again all of a sudden!
Dokes follows up to the body, a right to Bugners ribs!
Bugner trying to tie Dokes up!
Dokes works his way free and scores again with a right and left! Good work here from Dynamite Dokes!
It's getting scrappy in there!!
Rudy Battle stops the fight.. He's issuing a warning to Joe Bugner for holding the back on Dokes head in the clinch!
Bugner moves away..
Bugner pumps out the jab!
Lovely flowing movement by Bugner
Dokes for the first time in the fight looking a little dejected...as we move into the twelfth!
Dokes' corner screaming at him to pick up the pace!
Dokes driving forward.. but the footwork just isn't working for Dokes this deep into the fight.
Dokes land with a left to the body.. Bugner ties his man up.
Bugner's been leaning on Dokes all night.. I'm surprised Rudy Battle has been so lenient.
Rudy battle breaks them up!
A jab by Bugner...and another.
Dokes replies with a jab of his own...
Bugner moves away..Dokes follows.
Oooh..Dokes is So susceptible to that jab on the way in. 
Dokes left eye looks swollen.
As we come to the end of round twelve, Both fighters are looking tired. Some of these round are incredibly close... One wonders how the three judges are seeing this!

ROUND 13-14
Away we go for the thirteenth round!
Now it's Bugner trying to work his way inside... 
Two punch combination from Dokes! Dokes showing great handspeed!
It goes to the center of the ring.
Bugner lands with a flurry, atleast two landing clean.
Dokes on the defensive... Bugner lands again.. and again!! the right hook doing the damage.
Dokes moves out of there. Bugner really needs to follow up...
Another flurry by Bugner! but most missing... or being blocked.
Dokes sees an opening! OHHH!! he caught Bugner! Bugner caught...Joe's on his bike..To give him credit he took it well.
Dokes misses with the right..
Bugner on target with the uppercut! That wakes up the crowd! 
Dokes backs onto the ropes..
Bugner lands with the right..
Bugner misses wildly with the follow up!!
Dokes looking to counter... but Bugner ties his man up.
Dokes gets an arm free... he shouldn't be punching while in the clinch like he's doing there.
Rudy Battle steps in again to break them up...
Dokes moving, trying to work his way inside... he's having trouble doing so.
Both fighters are taking a breather...
Bugner's corner shouting at him to jab more.
Dokes cuts off Bugner in his own corner!
The American is on target with the left! Dokes working away at Bugner's midsection!
But Rudy Battle has stopped the action...He motions to Dokes..Watch your head!
The bell sounds for the end of the fourteenth....

...The boxers come out for the final round and I've got this incredibly close. It maybe all down to this last round. The Bugner corner seem to think their man needs this last round and have told him to take the fight to Dokes - Maybe they know something we dont...
The boxers touch gloves and here we go..
Dokes leans away from Bugners jab...
Dokes lands a jab and follows up with a right over the top!!
Dokes really fired up! He lands with another right hand!
Bugner answers with a couple of jabs to keep Dokes off him.. 
Bugner is cut under the left eye! It doesn't look like it will hamper his vision from there, though.
Bugner brushes the ropes and spins away back to the ring center..
He unleashes two jabs..Dokes in pursuit parries both.
Ooooh, Bugner buries an uppercut under Dokes guard and there goes Dokes mouthpiece!!
AND there's another one from Bugner! He really ripped that one in!!
Good jab work by Bugner..Dokes trying to move in underneath.
Bugner wings in a right..but Dokes saw that one coming a mile off.
The referee stops the action momentarily to replace Dokes' mouthpiece...he brings them back together and away we go.
Dokes fires in another left hand.. I think that one caught Bugner.
Bugner fires out a jab of his own which connects..
I think Rudy Battle is momentarily stopping the fight again. This time he's calling the ringside physician to take a look at Bugner's eye. It's a bad cut but the blood is flowing away from the eye. Surely he wouldn't stop the fight at this stage!?
The physician gives the OK and the referee brings them back together, with thirty seconds left on the clock.
Another jab finds its target from Bugner!
Dokes winging away at will now. Bugner catching most on his gloves!
Dokes gets through with a left! Forcing Bugner to clinch.
Rudy Battle is shouting at Bugner to break!
He prizes them apart... Dokes unleashes another jab which is wide of the mark.
Bugner counters...missing by a whisker!
There goes the final bell! It'll go to the scorecards. Both fighters are holding their hands aloft. They both think they've done enough to win! Most ringsiders here think Bugner took the last round.. If thats true, just how important may that have been?
No question, Dokes had Bugner hurt in the eighth and ninth rounds, but just how crucial was that sixth round knockdown for Bugner? Dokes showed incredible courage to come back from the knockdown and will Joe Bugner pay dearly for lack of killer instinct. Lets go to the scorecards! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here are the totals...
Referee Tommy Kaczmarek scores the bout 144-144 ...He has it even!

Referee Mickey Vann scores it 144-141 and Daniel van der Wiele 144-142 for the winner by MAJORITY decision... JOE BUGNER!!

Joe Bugner takes the decision! The US judge had it even with the British judge scoring it three rounds in favour of Bugner and the Belgian judge by two rounds. Too close make much of a case either way, but it will be Joe Bugner who progresses on to the next stage of the Superfights series where he will meet the winner of George Foreman and Evander Holyfield in the next round!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Tommy Kaczmarek
10 9 10 9 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 9 9 10 10 144
9 10 10 10 10 9 10 10 9 9 10 10 10 9 9 144
Mickey Vann
9 9 10 9 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 10 9 10 10 144
10 10 10 10 10 8 9 10 9 9 9 9 10 9 9 141
Daniel van der Wiele
10 9 10 9 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 9 9 10 10 144
10 10 10 10 10 8 9 10 9 9 9 10 10 9 9 142

I hope you enjoyed this first fight in the heavyweight superfight series and check back soon for the next showdown on HEAVYWEIGHTS UK between, Earnie Shavers and Ezzard Charles.





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