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HEAVYWEIGHTS UK proudly presents the next bout in the series of superfights between some of the divisions greatest fighters in the sports history. Chosen by the heavyweight community in our heavyweight Fan Forum 32 greats have been selected to battle it out to determine the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have writing it...
Lets go ringside to Madison Square Garden, where things look ready to get underway...
Welcome to the beautiful Madison Square Garden, New York, folks for this much anticipated showdown between two of the divisons true champions of yesteryear.

Lets take a quick look at the Rules for this fight:-

· Three knockdown rule is in effect
· There is no standing 8 count
· A fighter can only be saved by the bell in the final round.
· Three judges will score on a 10 point must system.
· Fight is scheduled for 15 three minute rounds

The third man in the ring will be New Jersey's, Rudy Battle!
The three judges scoring tonights bout are Tommy Kaczmarek of New Jersey, Sid Nathan and Dalby Shirly.

Norton in the blue corner wearing dark blue shorts with the white trim, looks in fantastic shape. Bowe the heavier of the two, wears the white trunks with the red trim looking very relaxed as his cornerman, Eddie Futch whispers something in his ear before disappearing behind the ring apron. 
The fighters have had their final instructions and are now awaiting the sound of the opening bell...

...And there it goes. 
Norton comes out fast...unleashes a flurry at Bowe. two miss, Bowe parries the other.
Bowe sees an opening...lands with an uppercut, Norton backs off.
Lateral movement by Bowe...
Norton clearly looking to work from the outside. Riddick Bowe coming forward.
Norton flicks out a jab, but its picked off. Follows up with the right but Bowe wards that off too.
But that one lands!..a right hand to the chin of Bowe from Norton.
Bowe counters! That stung Norton! He was completely open to a Bowe right hand. Norton is down on one knee!
A horrendous start for Kenny Norton some 30 seconds into the fight!
Bowe ushered to the neutral corner! Goldstein picks up the count...




Norton back on his feet at three! He looks shaken! It was a short right hand to Nortons jaw on the way in!
Ruby Goldstein asks Norton if he wants to continue... He nods he can.
What can Bowe do here! Norton is definitely in trouble. Bowe just needs to pick his punches and he'll get Norton out of there right now!
Bowe has Norton backed on to the ropes.
Norton trying to tie Bowe up!
Bowe lands with a right to the body and a left over the top! Futch screaming at Bowe to up the pace!
Norton clearly hurt! Looks very much like he's ready to go. Bowe just needs to take his time and land one more big shot!
Norton gamely firing back, two bowling rights - one scores the other missing by a hair, but they're not keeping Bowe off. 
Another right hand by Bowe...Norton stopped cold by that one but desperately manages to tie Bowe up.
Goldstein prises them apart. In goes Bowe!
Norton and Bowe exchanging shots, Norton looks to have won the exchange! Fantastic courage by Norton! 
Bowe punishes Norton with right to the jaw and another to the ribs!
Bowe has Norton reeling... He can win this fight right now if he doesn't get sloppy and just flail away!
Bowe drives forward...
Norton smothers of most his punches....He moves along the ropes.
Bowe continues to move forward...lands with another bodyshot to Norton midsection!
Norton rips an uppercut to Bowe's jaw! It looks like Norton is coming back into the fight! Fantastic action here!
Bowe keeps throwing punches but Norton making him miss!
But he lands with a vicious uppercut! Bowe following up!
Norton is taking a beating!! Goldstein taking a close look!
Big right hook by Bowe - but Norton rolls under it!
There goes the bell! Goldstein jumps between them! Norton rushed back to his corner. What a round for Riddick Bowe. How on earth did Kenny Norton survive that...

Nortons corner desperately trying to bring their man back to his senses...

...There goes the bell for round two! lets see if it can match up to anything like the first!
Riddick Bowe and Kenny Norton squaring off here. Norton already down in the first...Norton's head looks to have cleared between rounds.
Bowe looking to take up where he left off... A left hook to Norton's chin lands.
Norton answers with an uppercut to Bowe's jaw!
Great follow up by Norton! a left to the body and a right to the head, but he certainly doesn't want to trade with Bowe!
Norton on his bike.
Bowe shoots out his left jab, Norton picks it off. 
Another jab misses...Norton answers with his own, but catches only air.
Both fighters have definitely dropped the pace in this round...
Bowe trying to move in behind his long jab.
Norton leans away, but Bowe follows up and forces Norton on to the ropes.
Left uppercut lands inside from Bowe...Norton takes it well.
Another uppercut! Norton definitely susceptible to these!
Bowe scores with another right hook..Norton has got to get out of there...Bowe beginning to load up again!
A game counter from Norton...Bowe can be very open at times as he drives forward.
Norton takes another from Bowe...He has got to dig deep again if he's going to survive these!
Norton clinches, Bowe gets an arm free..here comes Ruby Goldstein to break them up...
Bowe the aggressor as he traps Norton in the corner.
Bowe lets fire with another right...Ooooh but its wild!
Norton moves away... good defensive work from the ex-marine.
Noone really taking the initiative...
Both fighters back in the centre of the ring, now...
Bowe works his jab but they're missing the target.
Great shot by Norton! A sharp uppercut on the counter! Now all of a sudden it's Bowe covering up!
Kenny Norton following up with a left-right combination, inside!!
Oh, but Ruby Goldstein is stopping the action! He's motioning to Norton to watch his head.
Norton not wasting any time!
This is the best we've seen from Norton so far!
Bowe on the back foot for once...Hard to see just how much damage that uppercut did.
Norton now taking the fight to Bowe. Bowe with his back to the ropes...
Bowe grabs hold of Norton.
Norton works his way free...
Bowe appears to be ok.
Jab by Norton...and another!
Both fighters posturing a little...
Norton now trying to move inside. Bowe certainly doesn't have to look for Norton this round, he's right in his face!
Norton fires two to the body, but Bowe ties the smaller man up again.
Ruby Goldstein breaks them up.
There goes the bell for the end of round 2, a much better round for Kenny Norton...

...Bowe a little slow getting off his stool this round.
Goldstein motions Futch to get out of the ring...Here we go for Round 3.
Both men coming forward...
A right from Norton whistles over the ducking head of Bowe...
Bowe replies with a left to the body...nothing too solid but they all count.
Norton firing from range..Bowe's seeing most of these coming and replying with good jabs of his own.
Both men trying to find an opening...
Norton lands a jab and moves in.
Oooh but he caught big with a right!!
Bowe follows up with an uppercut..another right! 
The danger signs are flashing for Norton again!
Bowe piling on the pressure! The left misses..but the right is on the button!
Norton back on the ropes. He's in big trouble here...
Bowe fires in two hooks followed by an uppercut..he's really doing a paint job here on Norton.
Norton is hurt, he looks to be on very unsteady legs.
Another right hand! then a left to the body. Norton not doing anything!! Bowe's got him in a world of trouble here!
Norton spins away from the ropes and is on the move again. 
Bowe stalking his man... Flicking out jabs, measuring him up for the kill!
Norton ties Bowe up. Some valuable seconds for Norton!
Ruby Goldstein trying to break them up...
Looks like neither of the fighters want to break...
Goldstein shouting at Norton to break!
He prises them apart.
Norton still looks wobbly, he backs back onto the ropes.
Bowe moves in after him. He scores with a left.
More punches by Riddick Bowe..Norton parrying the best of them.
Bowes corner screaming at Bowe to make these count!
Norton still on the defensive, here...
Ooooh!! A big right hand by Bowe!! Norton is down!
He's down on his back.
Bowe moves away, Goldstein starts the count.






6.. It doesn't look like Norton is going to make this..



9.. No movement from Norton, he out cold here!


Riddick Bowe has knocked out Ken Norton here in Round 3, from a heavy right hand! Bowe's huge entourage are going crazy in the ring...
Norton looks ok...he's back on his stool.
A very game showing from Kenny Norton who came back bravely from what looked to be at one stage, a first round blowout. He definitely had Bowe hurt in the second with that right uppercut, but Bowe clearly had the better firepower of the two and it certainly showed tonight.
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Chuck Giampa
9 9               18
10 10 20
Dalby Shirly
8 10 18
10 9 19
Art Lorie
8 10 18
10 9 19

Bowe will meet either Smokin' Joe Frazier or Jersey Joe Walcott in the next round of the championship.

I hope you enjoyed this first fight in the heavyweight superfight series and check back soon for the next showdown on HEAVYWEIGHTS UK between, Joe Bugner 1974 and Dynamite Mike Dokes from 1982.





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