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Mike Tyson v James J Jeffries



Mike Tyson v James J JeffriesHEAVYWEIGHTNEWS proudly presents the next bout in the series of superfights between some of the divisions greatest fighters in the sports history. Chosen by the heavyweight community in our heavyweight Fan Forum 32 greats have been selected to battle it out to determine the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time! 
Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  From the glittering stage of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada where two heavyweight greats of yesteryear will battle it out over fifteen rounds for the right to proceed in the Heavyweight News Superfight Championship!

Lets take a quick look at the Rules for this fight:- 
· Three knockdown rule is in effect 
· There is no standing 8-count 
· A fighter can only be saved by the bell in the final round. 
· Three judges will score on a 10-point must system. 
· Fight is scheduled for 15 three-minute rounds 
The third man in the ring will be, Marty Denkin.
The three judges scoring tonight's bout are Massachusetts, Rocky Castellani, Chuck Minker and Dave Moretti.

In the RED corner, Larry Holmes weighed in at 214 lbs, thats a stone and a half advantage over his opponent. Holmes' jab is generally recognised as one of the very best in the business and he would be well advised to keep Quarry at the end of his 81 inch reach for as much of the fight as possible.  If Holmes can douse a firey opening few rounds from Quarry, he should be able to control most of the later rounds and cruise to victory...

In the BLUE corner, "Irish" Jerry Quarry weighed in at 194 lbs and will know his best bet is to start fast and take the fight to Holmes, who is much more suited to fifteen rounds than the Irishman is. Quarry can punch and proved he can mix with taller rangier fighters when he outpointed former world champ Floyd Patterson recently. 

Marty Denkin has issues his final instructions...

...The fighters look anxious as they wait for Round 1 to start. The bell rings and its show time...

Here comes Holmes..
A lead right scores big for Holmes. He stunned Quarry with that one.

Quarry scores with a hook to the body - inches away with the follow up as Larry moves away.

Lots of noise from the crowd.

Holmes lands a devastating cross!
That looks to have stung Quarry!
Even the fans at ringside felt that one!

Quarry is definately hurt. he looks like he's ready to go. Holmes just needs to take his time and pick his punches..

Holmes misses with the jab. He lets go with a left and that fails to find its mark, either.

Quarry bobbing and weaving..

Holmes misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well.

The fighters are tangled up inside. Holmes has a hand free and lands an uppercut.

They come appart..
Quarry wobbling again! Holmes has a reputation as a decent finisher. Let's see if he can live up to it!

Holmes fires a short right cross that lands square. More damage to Quarry!

Irish Jerry Quarry on very wobbly legs and looking vulnerable. Holmes can stop him if he lets it all hang out.

Holmes shoots the cross in there, flush on the chin of Quarry. He rocks him with that one. Hows Quarry taking these?

Quarry is trapped in his own corner...

Holmes is holding...

Referee Marty Denkin has to separate the two...

Holmes throws a leaping shot that fails to hit the target.

Quarry pushes Holmes away from him, trying to get some punching room. Quarry scores uppercut in close.

Now its Quarry clinching.
Marty Denkin better watch because there looks to be some nasty head work when they're in close like this.

Marty Denkin breaks them up...

Holmes holding his gloves high, taunting Quarry.

There goes the bell to end the opening round - Clear round for Larry Holmes!

Holmes is off his stool and waiting for the bell to begin Round 2.

An interesting clash of styles here. Quarry burrowing in, while Holmes looks content to control from a distance.

The fighters come together..

Marty Denkin has to pull the fighters away from each other as Holmes locks up Quarry's arms.

Both fighters are trying but neither fighter is having much success cutting off the ring this round.

Quarry trying to muscle his way inside.

As high as Quarry is holding his gloves he is leaving his body wide open to  body shots if Holmes takes advantage of it.

Holmes is showing some fancy footwork tonight as he moves around Quarry, firing out the jab.

Holmes tries to drop the right hand over the top but Quarry ducks under it. 

Quarry just landed a three punch combo!!!
Holmes is trying to reach for the ropes!
His legs have turned to jelly!

Holmes got careless.

Quarry coming forward... But he telegraphed that shot and Holmes ducks under it easily.

Holmes connects with an uppercut. he can make good use of that punch if he allows himself to  get inside.

Holmes looking more focussed now. I think that flurry from Quarry has woke him up this round.

Quarry misses badly. It looked like he changed his mind half way through the punch.

A counter lands from Holmes. Quarry was completely open to it.

Holmes bangs the uppercut home.

Both fighters are working the angles, looking to get the upper hand in this contest.

Larry ties his man up. Theres punching going on inside, but its hard to see from here if any are landing.

Giachetti is yelling at Holmes to get to work. 

Quarry is complaining to Marty Denkin. A warning for hitting on the break is being given to Holmes. 

Denkin draws them back together..

Quarry comes forward..

Holmes spins around and moves quickly back to his corner at the sound of the bell, ending Round 2.

The seconds hurry out of Holmes's corner as the bell sounds for Round 3.

Quarry put on a good show at the pre-fight press conference but so far tonight his performance has not really backed that talk up.

Holmes is dancing and flicking harmless jabs at Quarry.

Not much intensity, but nevertheless Larry Holmes looks to be in control of this fight

Quarry slides along the ropes... Holmes now coming forward..

Holmes lands with a short, quick uppercut in close.

Holmes misses with the jab but scores with the follow up cross.

Richie Giachetti booming orders across the ring. He wants Larry to pick it up.

Holmes pins Quarry in the corner!

Holmes fires and misses.

Holmes fires a shot, but it glances off Quarry's shoulder. The Irishman can be elusive when he wants to!

Quarry forces his way inside and he lands a nice uppercut to the chin of Holmes. Good work from Quarry!

Quarry throws an uppercut from way outside. It lands but he's fortunate! That's a dangerous punch to throw unless you're in close.

Holmes has Quarry pinned!

A right cross from Holmes gets through Quarry's guard.

Holmes lands a solid body shot. 
Marty Denkin steps in saying the punch was below the belt. 
Boos from the crowd...
Holmes can't believe the call and neither can we.

Denkin issues another warning to Holmes.
Quarry motions he's ok.... Away we go again...

Quarry slides into the corner...

Holmes lands the quick jab. He'd like to keep Quarry on the end of that punch.

Holmes sneaks in the quick uppercut that lands cleanly.

Quarry can't find the range with that punch.

Holmes feels his back touch the ropes and immediately moves away. He doesn't want trapped there.

Holmes gives a nice head feint and then lands a hook to the head of Quarry which made him blink.... Very slick work from Holmes!

Quarry misses wildly.

We're at the 3:00 mark and that brings this round to an end.


Holmes looks to be in good shape as Round 4 gets underway.

Quarry bobs and weaves his way inside and lets his hands go, scoring with a hook.

No blood, no bruises and no swelling; you wouldn't know that these guys have already fought 4 rounds.

... Holmes circles left, then right in an attempt to cut off the ring.

Quarry doing a lot of moving himself - not making it easy for Holmes.

Quarry tries to double up on the jab but neither hit the mark.

Holmes throws a flurry of punches but Quarry either blocks or slips them.

Quarry gets in close and comes straight up to the chin of Holmes with an uppercut.

Holmes pins Quarry's arms!
The fighters are tied up...

Marty Denkin has to work to separate the two...

Quarry retreats into far  corner.

Holmes letting the jabs go...he's  missing by a hair on most occasions.

Quarry shoots the jab. He doubles up on it and the second one carried some power with it. Definately Quarry's most productive round so far!

The two men are bumping heads as they wrestle on the inside. Now, Holmes lands a short uppercut to the chin of Quarry.

There are some good people working Quarry's corner this fight. They'll be happy with their man this round...

The cross scores for Quarry. He needs to throw that punch more often.

Quick hands and feet can take you far in this game. Of course, having a good chin helps!

Quarry just comes up short with that shot.

Holmes lands a smashing cross!
Quarry appears shaken by that punch!

Quarry in trouble! Holmes is unloading..

Holmes appears to have Quarry out on his feet. I'm not sure which of those last few punches hurt him so badly but Quarry suddenly looks ready to go. Holmes has a real chance to end this fight now.

Holmes pounds the body with those short ripping hooks.

Holmes takes a long look at Quarry to see if he's playing possum. Holmes is starting to pour it on so he must believe that he's really hurt Quarry.

Holmes has Quarry trapped!

Holmes throws the jab. He scores with it.

Holmes's going to let it all hang out and try to end this fight right here and now!

Holmes looks for a breather, puts a bear-hug on Quarry. Quarry pushes Holmes off and looks for an opening.

The bell sounds ending Round 4.

The crowd is up and standing as the fighters come out for the beginning of Round 5.

Richie Giachetti seemed to pump up Holmes between rounds.

Holmes looking confident.. but Quarry proving to be stubborn.

Holmes pretty vocal in there.. taunting by Holmes could come back to haunt him if he isn't careful. 

It is a good boxing crowd tonight. They know the game and are reacting to every good punch that lands.

Quarry tries a jab but he left it hanging out there, and Holmes lands a sizzling cross over the lazy jab.

Quarry might be tiring..

Holmes's corner is shouting at him to be more aggressive. he seems to hear but it remains to be seen if he'll follow the advice.

Holmes scores with a hard jab but he misses with the right hand, coming behind it.

Holmes lands a devastating cross!
Quarry appears to be staggered by that punch...

Holmes is off target with that punch.

Quarry's corner is shouting at him to stay off the ropes.

Quarry approaches flat-footed, but continues to move forward, not giving Holmes any room to breathe.

Quarry seems to be getting his shots off first, but how many are landing is hard to tell.

Both fighters need to close the distance between them.

Quarry rips off a series of jabs that score! Holmes eats them and tries to bull his way inside but Quarry quickly ties him up. Now, they separate.

These guys are giving head feints, faking jabs, doing everything but throwing punches.

Circling left, Quarry looks for an opening to fire a shot at Holmes.

Quarry seems to be protecting his body which is leaving his head vulnerable. The body shots from Holmes seem to be troubling him..

The pace has dropped... Marty Denkin is encouraging Quarry and Holmes to mix it up a little and give these fans the fight that they came here to see.

Holmes is gliding around the ring like it's his own personal dance floor.

Quarry swings...and misses.

Both fighter's launched hooks but Holmes's got there first! He digs a second hook to the body of Quarry.

There's the uppercut from Holmes. That opening has been there all fight for him.

Quarry needs to do something now and get back into this fight.

Quarry lets go with a hook but Holmes blocks it and then he scores with a hook of his own!

Holmes backs into a neutral corner.

That's another round in the books as Round 5 comes to an end.

Holmes didn't sit in the corner between rounds and he comes out quickly to begin Round 6.

There's a lot of excitement surrounding this fight. The fans are really in to it.

Quarry tries to push Holmes back in an attempt to gain room to punch.

Marty Denkin is earning his pay tonight. He is spending half his time separating the fighters or yelling at them to fight.

Quarry voluntarily moves onto the ropes.

The quickness and footwork of Holmes is definitely keeping Quarry off balance.

Quarry's punches seem to be off target thus far in the fight as he misses again with a punch...

Larry looks to have mastered the range between the two.

Both fighters are working the angles, looking to get the upper hand in this contest.

Quarry is talking a good fight in the ring right now but is not following it up with much action.

Holmes has Quarry trapped in the near  neutral corner...

Holmes lands a glancing, overhand right. He just missed landing that one square.

The fighters are back at ring center...

Holmes gets inside and fires a hook to Quarry's body.

Marty Denkin is really doing a good job of controlling this fight. He's making sure that these fighters keep it clean.

There's a crushing hook to the head, landed by Holmes! Quarry flashes a quick smile at Holmes as if to acknowledge the blow.

Holmes slides into a neutral corner...

Quarry looks to have sustained a cut over the left eye!

Quarry misses wildly with the hook.

Quarry moving to his right, away from that Holmes jab..

Holmes wings a big left hand at Quarry but the latter sidesteps the punch.

Quarry lands a smashing hook!
Holmes was staggered by that punch...

Holmes' legs look to have gone!! Holmes did a little dance and he's trying to regroup. Quarry moves in for the kill, but time might be against him..

Holmes repelling most of whats being thrown at him..

The bell sounds - Denkin jumps between the two!

Here we go for Round 7.

Holmes appears the fresher of the two...

The fighters are trading punches and Quarry seems to have won that exchange.

The two fighters have chosen to work on the inside and it's Quarry who scores with a short hook to chest.

Quarry brushes the ropes and quickly spins away, heading back to ring center.

Quarry doubles up on the jab and each one scored cleanly.

The Irishman is opening up.. The crowd are loving this!

Quarry rakes Holmes's body with hooks.

Quarry has momentarily Holmes pinned!

Quarry gets his head on the chest of Holmes. He tries to outmuscle him on the inside. Quarry scores with a nice short hook to the head.

Incredible how Larry is doing next to nothing in there! They're coming back to the center of the ring now...

Quarry bounces Holmes back as he drives his shoulder into him. That's probably not legal but, hey, if you can get away with it!

Quarry has a real weapon in his hook; he should use it more.

Quarry misses with what looked like a backhand. he's lucky. If that had landed, he might have drawn a warning.

Holmes gets off a four-punch combination, scoring wicked shots to the head and body. Quarry is forced to cover up.

Holmes lands a tremendous shot under Quarry's ribcage and Quarry crumbles to the canvas.

Marty Denkin stands over Quarry and begins counting...

Quarry's up, but the referee is motioning the ringside surgeon to check Quarry's left eye.

The surgeon is shaking his head.. the referee is waving it off due to a bad cut above Quarry's left eye!

Team Quarry are furious with the decision!

It's over!
Quarry has been stopped here on a cut in round 7.

Here's Jimmy Lennon Jnr with the call...

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

The winner by technical knockout at the 0:43 second mark in Round 7...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Rocky Castellani
10 10 10 10 10 9 59
9 9 9 9 9 10 55
Chuck Minker
10 10 10 9 10 10 59
9 9 9 10 9 10 56
Dave Moretti
10 10 10 10 10 10 60
9 9 9 9 9 10 55

I hope you enjoyed this latest fight in the heavyweight superfight series. Check back soon for the next showdown on HEAVYWEIGHTNEWS between, Jack Johnson and Max Baer.





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